About Beth

I am an experienced travel, food and wellness writer, having written for industry magazines, websites and blogs. My portfolio includes MENU magazine (print and online), CARP.ca, Lost Tribe Magazine, Travel Life, Wildland Adventures, and the Restaurants Canada Blog.

My love of travel comes naturally. When I was growing up, my family had a tent trailer and travelled every summer. The high point was visiting the Anne of Green Gables House in Prince Edward Island. And the low point? Probably the time my sister and I left our Silly Putty in the back seat on a very hot day in Rhode Island. (That was the last time we got to play with Silly Putty in the car.)

As a young adult, I lived with a family in rural France for a month, and that’s what really sparked my passion for travel. Now my husband and I (and whenever possible, our adult daughters) love nothing more than setting off to explore another part of the world.

Some of my favourite travel memories include hiking in the Atlas mountains, visiting a home in one of Beijing’s hutongs, witnessing a Lenten procession in Guatemala, and reenacting the Second Defenestration in Prague Castle (you had to be there).

I’ve been fortunate to visit more than 50 countries, writing about most of them along the way.

I look forward to working with you! Get in touch.

Beth Pollock